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High Potency Probiotics – 30 Count


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Your body is naturally full of bacteria. But, depending on the type, some bacteria are good for you and are essential for optimal health. Bacteria can be split up into two types “bad” bacteria and “good” bacteria. We hear a lot about bad bacteria but, not nearly enough about good bacteria.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that your body needs to stay healthy. While probiotics are especially good for the digestive tract, their benefits don’t stop there. Good probiotics or “good bacteria” promote good health from the inside out including the brain, heart, and skin. What’s even better, is that probiotics can benefit anyone-men and women. While there are some specific probiotic blends for women or men, these capsules can benefit anyone.

Before we dive into more about what probiotics are and how they work, here is a quick overview of why you should take our probiotic supplements.

  • Containing a diverse group of 12 probiotic strains and 50 billion CFU—everything you need from a probiotic is in this capsule and can benefit both men and women.
  • Our probiotics are formulated in a world-class NSF certified probiotic facility in the USA to ensure optimum health benefits.
  • Our ingredients are non-GMO, non-dairy, soy-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, vegan, shelf stable and Kosher certified.
  • Improve Digestion
  • Strengthen Immunity

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for you and promote a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough of this good bacteria naturally through our diets which can cause a range of problems throughout the body. This is why probiotic supplements are an incredible tool to balance the body and keep it working as it should.

From the moment you are born your body already contains good and bad types of bacteria. The key is keeping these two types of bacteria balanced. When there are too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria, problems start to happen. When you take a probiotic supplement, it will help replenish the good bacteria—keeping the good and bad balanced.

There are different ways your body eventually starts to lack good bacteria. One of the causes, for example, is antibiotics. While antibiotics can be essential, part of their job is to wipe out bacteria in the body. Antibiotics don’t discriminate good or bad which means you lose a lot of the bacteria that you actually need. Probiotics will help you replenish it, restoring a healthy gut microbiome. The probiotics will line the digestive tract supporting the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection.

There are many different types of good bacteria with unique benefits that are classified as probiotics. However, the most common types come from two groups—Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. When these different types are combined in one supplement they can work together to produce even more effective results.

Benefits of Probiotics for Men and Women

The more research that is done, the more it is becoming evident that the balance or imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive system is linked to the body’s overall health.  Here is an overview of the key benefits linked to probiotics.

Digestive Health

Probiotics are possibly most widely used for promoting good digestive health. Probiotics can help relieve diarrhea or constipation. Studies have shown probiotics may also help protect against and relieve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases and irritable bowel syndrome. Use probiotics for diarrhea or probiotics for constipation for a healthy gut.

Immune Health

Because of the anti-inflammatory effects probiotics have, they may be beneficial in protecting against disease. Chronic inflammation seems to be at the root of many different types of diseases and health conditions. Probiotics exert their anti-inflammatory effects in the gut where 80 percent of the immune system lies. Probiotics may also help increase the effectiveness of antibiotics and help prevent the bacteria in your body from becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Mental Health

Scientists have discovered that there are unique and complex interactions between the gut and brain. Also due to its anti-inflammatory effects, these interactions may help relieve a variety of mental health conditions. One particular mental health condition probiotics may help relieve is depression. Oral Probiotics may reduce depression symptoms and may also help reduce re-hospitalizations from manic depressive episodes.

Skin Health

Research suggests that balanced gut bacteria benefits both healthy and diseased skin. The skin benefits probiotics provide may be connected to its anti-inflammatory effects. Using probiotics for acne may help promote healthy clear skin.

Heart Health

Custom probiotics may help lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol. Bile is a naturally occurring fluid that is mostly made of cholesterol. It helps aide digestion. However, it is possible for bile to be reabsorbed by the gut, where it can enter the bloodstream as cholesterol. Probiotics can help break down bile and prevent this from happening. Probiotics may also help lower blood pressure by reducing insulin resistance, regulating renin levels, improving lipid profiles, and activating antioxidants.

Our High Potency Probiotics for Women and Men

While you can find probiotics in some food sources, like fermented dairy products and fermented foods like tempeh and sauerkraut, it can be difficult to get the amounts of probiotics you need. This is especially true because the typical western diet does not regularly include many fermented foods.

Typically, there are also many things that are a part of our lifestyles that contribute to killing off the good bacteria that we need.

Such things include:

  • Overuse of prescription antibiotics
  • Sugar
  • GMO foods
  • Inflammatory gluten
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise
  • Over-sanitation
  • Smoking
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Alcohol (with the exception of red wine)

As you can see, having the right balance of bacteria in the body is essential to a person’s overall well-being. There are many different things that can easily affect this balance, throwing it off and causing problems. Probiotic supplements make getting the levels of good bacteria you need easy. They will naturally promote and maintain balance and as a result, will help restore your digestive system and help your mind and body function better.

If you are looking for the best probiotics, look no further than Intrinsic Nutrition. Intrinsic Nutrition strives to be the brand you trust to help keep you and your family healthy. We use organic ingredients, and our probiotics are specially formulated and produced in a world-class NSF Certified probiotic facility in the USA. Try our probiotics for women and probiotics for men today and get started on the path to restoring your health.

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